Our shows:

Since 2009, byc has successfully produced 13 original plays, with all acting, directing, and writing done by its ensemble members.

Over the past few years, BYC has grown tremendously as a theatre-making ensemble: creating plays that are told in non-linear plots, incorporating multimedia elements into the storytelling structure, and upgrading its rehearsal and performance spaces.


Summer 2016

"Dust to Dust"
August 4th, 5th, and 6th          at The Actors Fund Arts Center

Dust to Dust is a ghost-story that follows three generations of a family dealing with the prolonged grief surrounding the early death of Georgie, a small child. All the while, the spirits of relatives past attempt to overthrow the dialogue, trying to find the closure they could not get in their own lives.


Summer 2015

"Connect the Dots"
August 6th & 7th                  at The Actors Fund Arts Center

There are two things you can never run away from: yourself, and your past.


Summer 2014

"Destination: Miracle"
August 5th & 6th                  at The Brooklyn Lyceum

A soldier, a wild girl and a couple of tourists end up in all kinds of detours in New York City. Will they ever find their destination? It will be a miracle...